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Real time rendering

  • Improve vertex cache locality
  • Convert from right-handed to left-handed space
  • Limit weights affecting a single vertex
  • Split meshes to avoid exceeding bone count limits
  • Triangulate arbitrary polygons
  • Join identical vertices, optimize indexing
  • Find degenerate polygons
  • Split large meshes to overcome GPU limitations (i.e. vertex count)

Vertex data

  • Compute "hard" per-face normal vectors
  • Compute "smooth" per-vertex normal vectors
  • Compute tangents and bitangents


  • Collapse the scene graph, transform everything to world coordinates
  • Optimize meshes & nodes for fewer drawcalls


  • Validate the output structure to ensure maximum data integrity
  • Remove unrequired materials, effectively detect and merge duplicates
  • Try to correct face winding
  • Drop dummy bones introduced somewhere in your content pipeline

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