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  • Written in portable, ISO-compliant C++
  • Easily configurable and customizable
  • Core interface / API is provided for both C++ and C
  • Command-line interface to perform common operations (i.e. quick file stats, convert models, extract embedded textures) from the shell
  • Imports bones, vertex weights and animations (i.e. skinning, skeletal animations)
  • Loads multiple UV and vertex color channels (current limit is 8)
  • Works well with UNICODE input files
  • Supports complex multi-layer materials
  • Supports embedded textures, both compressed (e.g. PNG) or just raw color data
  • No external dependencies except boost(external link) (zlib and irrxml are also needed, but they're included in the repository so you don't need to bother). And there's even a workaround to compile Assimp without boost - with some minor limitations.
  • Due to its export interface, Assimp serves as general-purpose 3D model converter

  • (Just because of its name: Assimp renders your program sexier)
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