assimp 3.0: released July 2012 (changes from 2.0)
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assimp 2.0: released November 2010 (changes from 1.1)
Any platform: ZIP archive, full source code / Windows: Viewer & tools only

assimp 1.1: released April 2010 (changes from 1.0)
Any platform: ZIP archive, full source code / Windows: SDK Installer / Windows: Viewer & tools only

assimp 1.0: released May 2009
Any platform: ZIP archive, full source code / Windows: Command line tools only

assimp 0.1: released October 2008
This release is no longer supported.


Rosen Diankov of OpenRAVE maintains a set of Ubuntu packages for assimp, which can be found here. Packages for Ubuntu, ArchLinux and Fedora/RedHat are also available. Many Linux distributions have Assimp in their default repositories.

Compiler Matrix

Assimp uses cmake as its build system, so it's pretty flexible. boost(external link) is recommended to compile everything from scratch (but not mandatory: we do have thin replacements for the required boost headers).

Compiler chart:

* Borland vc6 vc7 vc8 vc9 vc10 vc11 mingw (gcc3.44) gcc 4
x86 No No --- Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
x64 No No --- Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

--- means untested
This does not mean you can't use Assimp with a compiler or platform not listed here, it just means we don't test it regularly - or no one tried it yet.


The latest source is available via Git from Github. Be aware, however, that we can't make any guarantees that a particular revision works on your platform. For production use, our recommendation is to use one of the stable releases. Nevertheless, taking the source from Git is cool to try out the latest importers and bug fixes. Forking us on Github and doing a pull-request to the main repository is the easiest way to contribute to assimp!

For anonymous checkout use:

$ git clone git:// assimp


A automatically updated svn mirror can be found here on

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