Assimp  v3.0 (July 2012)
aiVector3t< TReal > Member List

This is the complete list of members for aiVector3t< TReal >, including all inherited members.

aiVector3t()aiVector3t< TReal >inline
aiVector3t(TReal _x, TReal _y, TReal _z)aiVector3t< TReal >inline
aiVector3t(TReal _xyz)aiVector3t< TReal >inlineexplicit
aiVector3t(const aiVector3t &o)aiVector3t< TReal >inline
Length() const aiVector3t< TReal >
Normalize()aiVector3t< TReal >
operator aiVector3t< TOther >() const aiVector3t< TReal >
operator!=(const aiVector3t &other) const aiVector3t< TReal >
operator*=(TReal f)aiVector3t< TReal >
operator*=(const aiMatrix3x3t< TReal > &mat)aiVector3t< TReal >
operator*=(const aiMatrix4x4t< TReal > &mat)aiVector3t< TReal >
operator+=(const aiVector3t &o)aiVector3t< TReal >
operator-=(const aiVector3t &o)aiVector3t< TReal >
operator/=(TReal f)aiVector3t< TReal >
operator==(const aiVector3t &other) const aiVector3t< TReal >
operator[](unsigned int i) const aiVector3t< TReal >
operator[](unsigned int i)aiVector3t< TReal >
Set(TReal pX, TReal pY, TReal pZ)aiVector3t< TReal >
SquareLength() const aiVector3t< TReal >
SymMul(const aiVector3t &o)aiVector3t< TReal >
xaiVector3t< TReal >
yaiVector3t< TReal >
zaiVector3t< TReal >