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aiQuaterniont< TReal > Member List

This is the complete list of members for aiQuaterniont< TReal >, including all inherited members.

aiQuaterniont()aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
aiQuaterniont(TReal w, TReal x, TReal y, TReal z)aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
aiQuaterniont(const aiMatrix3x3t< TReal > &pRotMatrix)aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
aiQuaterniont(TReal rotx, TReal roty, TReal rotz)aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
aiQuaterniont(aiVector3t< TReal > axis, TReal angle)aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
aiQuaterniont(aiVector3t< TReal > normalized)aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
Conjugate()aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
GetMatrix() const aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
Interpolate(aiQuaterniont &pOut, const aiQuaterniont &pStart, const aiQuaterniont &pEnd, TReal pFactor)aiQuaterniont< TReal >inlinestatic
Normalize()aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
operator!=(const aiQuaterniont &o) const aiQuaterniont< TReal >
operator*(const aiQuaterniont &two) const aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
operator==(const aiQuaterniont &o) const aiQuaterniont< TReal >
Rotate(const aiVector3t< TReal > &in)aiQuaterniont< TReal >inline
waiQuaterniont< TReal >
xaiQuaterniont< TReal >
yaiQuaterniont< TReal >
zaiQuaterniont< TReal >