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Assimp::LogStream Class Reference

CPP-API: Abstract interface for log stream implementations. More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual void write (const char *message)=0
 Overwrite this for your own output methods.
virtual ~LogStream ()
 Virtual destructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static LogStreamcreateDefaultStream (aiDefaultLogStream stream, const char *name="AssimpLog.txt", IOSystem *io=NULL)
 Creates a default log stream.

Protected Member Functions

 LogStream ()
 Default constructor.

Detailed Description

CPP-API: Abstract interface for log stream implementations.

Several default implementations are provided, see #aiDefaultLogStream for more details. Writing your own implementation of LogStream is just necessary if these are not enough for your purpose.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Assimp::LogStream::LogStream ( )

Default constructor.

virtual Assimp::LogStream::~LogStream ( )

Virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

static LogStream* Assimp::LogStream::createDefaultStream ( aiDefaultLogStream  stream,
const char *  name = "AssimpLog.txt",
IOSystem io = NULL 

Creates a default log stream.

streamsType of the default stream
nameFor aiDefaultLogStream_FILE: name of the output file
ioFor aiDefaultLogStream_FILE: IOSystem to be used to open the output file. Pass NULL for the default implementation.
New LogStream instance.
virtual void Assimp::LogStream::write ( const char *  message)
pure virtual

Overwrite this for your own output methods.

Log messages may consist of multiple lines and you shouldn't expect a consistent formatting. If you want custom formatting (e.g. generate HTML), supply a custom instance of Logger to #DefaultLogger:set(). Usually you can expect that a log message is exactly one line and terminated with a single

messageMessage to be written

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