Assimp  v3.0 (July 2012)
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNAssimpAssimp's CPP-API and all internal APIs
|oCBaseImporterFOR IMPORTER PLUGINS ONLY: The BaseImporter defines a common interface for all importer worker classes
|oCDefaultLoggerCPP-API: Primary logging facility of Assimp
|oCExporterCPP-API: The Exporter class forms an C++ interface to the export functionality of the Open Asset Import Library
||\CExportFormatEntryInternal description of an Assimp export format option
|oCImporterCPP-API: The Importer class forms an C++ interface to the functionality of the Open Asset Import Library
|oCInterpolatorCPP-API: Utility class to simplify interpolations of various data types
|oCIOStreamCPP-API: Class to handle file I/O for C++
|oCIOSystemCPP-API: Interface to the file system
|oCLoggerCPP-API: Abstract interface for logger implementations
|oCLogStreamCPP-API: Abstract interface for log stream implementations
|oCNullLoggerCPP-API: Empty logging implementation
|oCProgressHandlerCPP-API: Abstract interface for custom progress report receivers
oNstdSTL namespace
oCaiAnimationAn animation consists of keyframe data for a number of nodes
oCaiBoneA single bone of a mesh
oCaiCameraHelper structure to describe a virtual camera
oCaiColor3DRepresents a color in Red-Green-Blue space
oCaiColor4tRepresents a color in Red-Green-Blue space including an alpha component
oCaiExportDataBlobDescribes a blob of exported scene data
oCaiExportFormatDescDescribes an file format which Assimp can export to
oCaiFaceA single face in a mesh, referring to multiple vertices
oCaiFileC-API: File callbacks
oCaiFileIOC-API: File system callbacks
oCaiImporterDescMeta information about a particular importer
oCaiLightHelper structure to describe a light source
oCaiLogStreamC-API: Represents a log stream
oCaiMaterialData structure for a material
oCaiMatrix3x3tRepresents a row-major 3x3 matrix
oCaiMatrix4x4tRepresents a row-major 4x4 matrix, use this for homogeneous coordinates
oCaiMeshA mesh represents a geometry or model with a single material
oCaiMeshAnimDescribes vertex-based animations for a single mesh or a group of meshes
oCaiMeshKeyBinds a anim mesh to a specific point in time
oCaiNodeA node in the imported hierarchy
oCaiNodeAnimDescribes the animation of a single node
oCaiPlaneRepresents a plane in a three-dimensional, euclidean space
oCaiPropertyStoreC-API: Represents an opaque set of settings to be used during importing
oCaiQuaterniontRepresents a quaternion in a 4D vector
oCaiQuatKeyA time-value pair specifying a rotation for the given time
oCaiRayRepresents a ray
oCaiSceneThe root structure of the imported data
oCaiStringRepresents an UTF-8 string, zero byte terminated
oCaiTexelHelper structure to represent a texel in a ARGB8888 format
oCaiTextureHelper structure to describe an embedded texture
oCaiUVTransformDefines how an UV channel is transformed
oCaiVector2tRepresents a two-dimensional vector
oCaiVector3tRepresents a three-dimensional vector
oCaiVectorKeyA time-value pair specifying a certain 3D vector for the given time
\CaiVertexWeightA single influence of a bone on a vertex